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9gag, I love you but this is so wrong.

Found this on the hot page titled “The sad truth”. All of the comments were about the flaws of “woman logic”. As someone who has been stalked, this is bullshit. This along with that “friendzone” shit. So she doesn’t like you, big deal, get over it. If you’re actively perusing her and she find your attention unwanted, she may call you a stalker even if you’re not hiding in her bushes at night or some totally fucked up shit. A girl will say this when you’re making her uncomfortable. All you can do is back off. Now lets talk about real stalking. When someone is really stalking you it is the most terrifying experience of ones life. It’s like being hunted. You get paranoid and scared to leave your house, sometimes even a specific room. It’s torture. Something I wish upon no one. This post just undermines all of that completely. It is invalidating how unwanted attention can go from being annoying to flat out scary.

I’ve been on 9gag for a while and it just seems like more and more I see stuff about frendzoning and “woman logic” and it really makes me question how much 9gag respects of cares about women as a gender. This really needs to stop.

I make a call to the tumblr community, this post is undermining the feelings of everyone, man or woman, that has ever felt uncomfortable by someone giving them unwanted attention. I ask that you go onto this post’s page and report it. Get it taken down either for those people who are being invalidated or just to get this stupid shit off 9gag and make more room for fun.

Posted on March 24, 2013 with 6 notes